Why I Am Muslim

Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Al Qadri

Welcome back and today ‘s topic is “Why I am muslim”. Now a days, I am researching about The Bible. I am a student of comparative religious studies and also proudly a Muslim. I studied more than 30 religions for the absolute concept of the religion but The islam is the best religion and The Holy Quran is the only word of God.

Religions should be accurate and never be negated by current knowledge like science because words of God (holy text) are absolute information or knowledge. Today when I was reading The Bible I saw a verse in Genesis where the God feels good and bad but he is a creator of good and bad. The philosophy of good and bad based on superior’s command or a declaration from supreme power. There are many problems or mistakes which I found in Genesis (The old testament ). I also read about Sunday’s holiday which was actually a resting day for God after creating everything. The cause of rest is mostly tiredness and tiredness is due to lack of energy which leads to mortal state. My journey is on its way with The Bible.

The Elements or Idols worship
The whole universe came into being from different elements or uniform matters. Science claims about singularity which was an origin of the universe (Big Bang ). Earth was also formed through that incident. All these matters are being transformed into other weaker form which is lower than human beings.
I saw many people who are worshiping of idols in many shapes or forms and relate to many myths. The real myth is only singularity in case of idol-ship because these all are elements. If anyone gets to bow his or her head in front of any idol it means the person worships billions of atoms or element.

Aristotle said “anyone who’s born will die and anyone who’s never born will never die”.
The worshiper of idol or materialistic man alway worships things or elements but over a wider aspect he is worshiping the whole universe as a God.
I read this verse in Holy book “The Quran” in which Allah told about his presence or form. Creator isn’t like his creation but little bit metaphorically .

لَيْسَ كَمِثْلِهِ شَيْءٌ ۖ – 
There is nothing like unto Him


It means Allah is not any thing rather there is nothing like him. The thing is his creation not himself. I observe these aspects and read all scriptures one by one and after all I found the right path evidently which is only Islam and Quran. Many people are practicing their culture as a religion

Creator as a Creation
I studied some religion in which God visited earth or God’s son but my question is how? The theory of immortality is very simple like Aristotle’s theory. Plotinus said in his book that “immortal never being a mortal if he wish and mortal never being immortal” but question is why? because of energy and purity spheres. Quantum wave shows tendency in lower sphere of energy but never changes its form.
Jesus or others are not sons of God or God but he is a creation of God. In some religions there are families of god who ruled over earth even son, wives and aunts etc. 

The Sacred Text
Mostly holy scriptures are changed with the passage of time like “The Bible” and other holy books. Some of them contain different myths which is relevant to ancient greeks art. I am a student of Philosophy and different sciences, I find different concepts of Philosophy and science which are negated in medieval times are written in these books. Which proves human influence in holy concepts. But, The Quran is the only Book with true essence (The Pure Word Of God).

The Atheism 
I studied a branch of non-believer’s mindset and debated with them. Most of them are actually illiterate about religion and concept of God The One. I had a chance to write a short blog for their guidance The Atheist’s God.

Order from The Allah 
I am a student of Quran from last 20 years. Before deciding to write this blog “why I am muslim” I selected some verses of Quran, in which Allah said to his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Surah Kaffirun.

Say, “O disbelievers,I do not worship what you worship.Nor are you worshippers of what I worship.Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship.Nor will you be worshippers of what I worship.For you is your path, and for me is my path.

Surah Kaffirun

My Practical words
Islam is the only religion in this time with true holy book with no amendments from 1430 years approx which is only The Holy Quran.
The Bible and hindu/Buddhist holy scriptures are not in the original form and the impact of personal knowledge is proved in it. The Quran is a book of signs which is studied through science and wisdom. The Holy Quran is the only book which satisfies my heart and mind.

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