Why I am Muslim?

Welcome back and today ‘s topic is “Why I am muslim”. Now a days, I am researching about The Bible. I am a student of comparative religious studies and also proudly a Muslim. I studied more than 30 religions for the absolute concept of the religion but The islam is the best religion and The Holy Quran is the only word... Continue Reading →

Religion & Concepts

Human beings have been settled at this planet for over thousands of years. There are two categories between them. First are the believers and second are non-believers. My topic is about religion and concepts in faith and belief. There are some major belief systems. Monotheism and Polytheism. Monotheism leads Abrahamic Religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism)... Continue Reading →

What is Islam?

islam There have been many religions in the history of the world and in today's time. Mostly, religions are based over "Good" and "Bad" philosophies. But some of them have personal values of good and some have absolute values of good. The personal good is a perceptional good which is acquisitive through different practices but... Continue Reading →

Are We Stars?

My name is Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Al-Qadri and i am a little Stuart in this scientific universe. I have been researching over different sciences and today my research has moved towards Light and birth process of different creatures. From last 2 years I have researched and studied deep cosmic aspects through different perspectives. Today I... Continue Reading →

The Purification

Sounds good "Soul purity", a bundle of questions will be raised but i think you should instead comment on my sufism blogs. Why should we clean our soul? Our primary work is only for those who want to learn from heart and will to change themselves in better form. People who want to connect with... Continue Reading →

Is Sufism Prohibited In Islam?

The Question is What is Sufism and is Sufism Prohibited?The word Sufi was derived from an Arabic word "souf (wool)" and people who dressed up with wool in old islamic era were called Sufis. Our Last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his companions often used to dress up with wool. Every Muslim preacher who followed  sunnah... Continue Reading →

Shepherd -The Life Aligner

I went to Naran (a hill station in Pakistan) a few months ago, I was stressed in those days due to overworked and fatigue. I couldnt think of any ideas or direction for my future life or work. Almost my whole life was disturbed at that time and passively I got lonely within myself but not... Continue Reading →

Kanz Ul Wali-The Book of Sufism

Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Al-Qadri is writer of this book "Kanz-Ul-Wali" also he wrote many books and this book is written in Urdu language and published in Pakistan 🇵🇰 year 2017 In early 1900 century there was a saint which was highly practiced Muslim in his region and his name was Hazrat Moulana Shah Wali Muhammad... Continue Reading →

Religion Made For Human

From the first day when Adam A.s arrived on the Planet Earth as a slave and messenger of Allah. The question was, if Adam A.s was the first messenger, in which Civilisation would he spread the message of Allah in? In my opinion that he was designated as a slave of Allah and (عبدالله) after... Continue Reading →

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