The Atheist’s God

Hello my readers Today I want to discuss about The Atheist's God. Questions are so irrelevant when it comes to Atheism (non believers ) but mine are 100%. Atheism doesn’t believe in God or good in fact not even satanism or evil because these beliefs should lead by some set of moral values. From this... Continue Reading →

The Purification

Sounds good "Soul purity", a bundle of questions will be raised but i think you should instead comment on my sufism blogs. Why should we clean our soul? Our primary work is only for those who want to learn from heart and will to change themselves in better form. People who want to connect with... Continue Reading →

Meditation Roots

From centuries, different religious people were practicing meditation through mysticism which is mostly used for self-control and get controlled over any physical, mental and spiritual matters till current era. Mostly people are doing meditation as alternate of medication in current time. Actually concept of Meditation is very different as most people perceive. Different religion have... Continue Reading →

“Struggle for a lively life”

Let's changes your life with passion, you should know about the " Life out of the box" In 2010 I lived a normal and lavish ife, i was also leading my goal as a professional. At that time I had never heard of depression or anxiety but i still tried to overcome all sorts of... Continue Reading →

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