Get Rid Of Anxiety

In the current world Anxiety has become the biggest problem for everyone. Welcome to my blogs and now we are going to discuss the common problems of people. Mostly, people aged 20 to 40 years are suffering from chronic Anxiety disorder many times. In these blogs I’ll outline 10 steps for instant cure of anxiety which are commonly studied and are useful methods to get rid of anxiety.

What is Anxiety?
Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. Brain indicates you through different aspects like aches, sweating and unknown fear.

Major Cause of Anxiety
There are many reasons of anxiety in current situations, muscle weakness and low quality diet plays major role. People with low quality sleep or insomnia are effected mostly. Nervous disorders and deficiency of Iron + Vitamin D and Vitamin C is a common cause of sever Anxiety. Mostly, people who work in offices and avoid sun suffer the most. Unhealthy eyes and eye sight are also one of the cause. Muscle tension and constipation are major cause. There are many problems which connect us with stress which is the main reason of anxiety. Chronic Anxiety is only carelessness about yourself.

Drugs Or Drag
Change your routine not drug frequency. Many people are used to taking different drugs (medicine). But its not effective for long time relief rather its only an addiction and results in placebo effects. These drugs are helping but are not useful to rid of anxiety. Change your diet plan and set it according to a nutritionist diet plan. Join some healthy activities and groups. People around you make you or break you, change your gathering. This is my real story Read Now (get rid of anxiety )

10 Steps to Get Rid Of Anxiety
1. Take Shower Daily minimum two times
2. Avoid sudden change of temperature
3. Use aroma therapy which is useful
4. Keep your Navel point oily (mustard oil recommended)
5. Use Oat porridge in breakfast
6. Meditation is best for avoiding different kinds of anxieties
7. Switch off your tablets and mobile before bed time when asleep
8. Make walk after dinner and keep it habitual.
9. Body massage helps you.
10. Wash your nostrils before sleeping and in the morning.

3 min Remedy (Get rid of anxiety)
If you are anxious now, dont worry we are with you!
1. Sit back, close your eyes and feel your existence first
2. Take deep breath 5 times and don’t open your eyes
3. Afterwards, concentrate over your breathing and hold your breath for 1 min
4. Inhale air through breathing till your toes feel
5. Now open your eyes slowly, free your mind

remedy of anxiety

Sufi Meditation
Sufi meditation is the best remedy for anxiety because sufi meditation heals you through universal energies and chanting Allah Hoo in breathing therapy session. Read more

For Further Assistance
These are some helping point which mentions above.if your want more guidance then feel free to contact (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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