Reading Skills

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Today’s Topic “Reading Skill & Learning Skills”

reading skill
reading skill

Today i am writing about some reading skills and learning skills.
What is reading? Mostly people are trying different methods of reading and end up getting frustrated. They don’t grasp the concept from book instead they do it from words and myths. Some people are trying to remember different points for debate or speech but their attempts are mistakes. People with P.hds, Bachelors and Masters degree have failed as good readers even after so much education, question is why? In the learning method there are bundles of skill which helps us. Question, what is a skill? the ability to do something well; expertise. Now we are discussing about some practical skills below.

Professional Learning & Reading Skills
Becoming a proficient reader requires mastery of several skills that need to be applied simultaneously. Obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight. These basic skills should be learned first in isolation. I will mention some points for my readers:
1. Person must know the language (intermediate Level/Expert) in which text is written.
2. Language should be learnt from any expert through part-time lessons.
3. Grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and other attributes of a language should be clear in a reader’s mind.
4.Listen and read in same language for fluency and read loudly.
5. Power of exceptions will help you to grasp new concept or replace it.
6. Don’t read through any perception, making perception after reading will be more helpful.
7. Disengage your mind from everything before reading and try to focus on your subject.
8. Read maximum 25 min then take rest and start thinking about text/subject and make a key point from it.
9. Don’t overlap words or concepts which are hard to perceive at that time.
10. Healthy discussion will open new doors of knowledge for yourself and others
11. Grasp concepts through imagination. Live the topic in yourself. (hard but true)
12. Think those questions which are relevant to your topic (what, why, how)

How to become a Reader?
Big psychological problem with Big books. Mostly, people take a start with big books rather than big titles, and some of them get frustrated after few minutes and they feel their interest is lost or discover himself in imaginary problems wow.
Now I am telling you how to start reading with skill. Make reading a hobby and start with topics in which you are interested, buy a book which shouldn’t be more than 60-70 pages and then start reading, also set the ending date and write down over the book. Read maximum 1 or 2 chapters. If book leads you afterwards, remember every book isn’t to cross the finish line rather intelligent people learn lessons from them. Now when you get to finish your book then you will feel like you have achieved something yahoo, because you have finished your first task at that time. This is sign of successful people they feel happiness. Fix your time and space for further reading and dont forget to write and share an opinion about your book. This action makes it a perfection.

Art of Buying Book: there are millions of books over a billion topics, I had a chance to go to a book fair. I felt puzzled at that time because there were too many writers over one topic and I came back to my home. At that night I distinguished between types of books which I want to share with you.
Subjective Book: these books are based on subject/ research directly rather then opinion or information. You could say, people who make self-practical or experience, they write only. e.g Meditation by Marcus Aurelius and “Almagest” by Ptolemy

Information Books: these books are based on information material which is only for guidance. There are multiple informational chapters and opinions over a topic.e.g ” The islamic Philosophy” by Majid Fakhry. He writes about many islamic philosophers and their short works.

Reference Books: these books are intended to be consulted for information on specific matter(s) e.g “Inside the criminal mind” by Book by Stanton Samenow. Criminology is a branch of law and this book is written over specific topics only.

How are you feeling now?
These are some of my tips and techniques for struggling people who want to learn Reading Skills.”Help those who want to help themselves rather than those who seems deserving”. I am offering my abilities to help mankind if helpful to save them from problems.
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