One Breath Sufism

Universe is looking for new travellers of light who are enlightened completely but how does this become possible in this world? This question is common in public like a disease and most of them neglect this concept after a small failure and move towards mindfulness but a same failure is waiting for them in the... Continue Reading →

Homeopathy and Me

The life of elements(homeos) are the life of universe.the active charge and intelligent particles being into different shapes, color and visibility etc through combinations and compositions.when the singularity was died and decomposed then the new compositions took place or re-birth as a universe or time and space.As a elementary and atomic colony, human took place... Continue Reading →

birth of Intellect and Sufis

Today’s world is very intelligent and fast rather than wise. All these things and acts are shifting over to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many people are trying to enhance their intellectual level through different perspectives. Firstly, we should thank those who made themselves magnificent and wrote about intellectual realm. Aristotle and Plotinus played the most important... Continue Reading →

moulana Shah Wali Muhammad- The Sufi

This is a short biography of Hazrat moulana Shah Sali Muhammad(The Sufi Saint).his mausoleum is in Breily,India.Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Al Qadri(One of the Followers) wrote his complete biography in Urdu language, which is known as Kanz Ul Wali. Qadri Astana A darvish(Sufi saint) came to the house of Jaan Muhammad Sahib (mureed of Hazrat moulana... Continue Reading →

Concept Of The God

Welcome Again,In this human or conscious world everyone wants to know The Supreme Power who created this world. Universe is still in expansion mode with millions of millions births and deaths(transitions). Some people gets frustrated and just accept God as something a powerful existence. Mostly people believe in different religion or faiths and they know... Continue Reading →

Why I am Muslim?

Welcome back and today ‘s topic is “Why I am muslim”. Now a days, I am researching about The Bible. I am a student of comparative religious studies and also proudly a Muslim. I studied more than 30 religions for the absolute concept of the religion but The islam is the best religion and The Holy Quran is the only word... Continue Reading →

Religion & Concepts

Human beings have been settled at this planet for over thousands of years. There are two categories between them. First are the believers and second are non-believers. My topic is about religion and concepts in faith and belief. There are some major belief systems. Monotheism and Polytheism. Monotheism leads Abrahamic Religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism)... Continue Reading →

Ahmadiyya Community and Facts

Ahmadiyya's Story begins from British India in 1901 when British imperialism ruled over sub-continent. The founder was Mirza Gulam Ahmed Qadyani read moreDifferent communities from different religions like Islam, hinduism, Christianity, Zoroasterim , sikhism and etc lived under pressure of British imperialism and they were praying for Promised Messiah for relief. Abraham's Religion Concept of... Continue Reading →

What is Islam?

islam There have been many religions in the history of the world and in today's time. Mostly, religions are based over "Good" and "Bad" philosophies. But some of them have personal values of good and some have absolute values of good. The personal good is a perceptional good which is acquisitive through different practices but... Continue Reading →

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